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Fri, Jun 07


Naturally Yoga Studio

SATSANG IN STUDIO: What Is Love: The Path of Bhakti Yogi

IN STUDIO. We are continuing our once-a-month Satsangs. By Donation. Venmo your $$ donation to @Sheryl-Edsall Number: 3941

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SATSANG IN STUDIO: What Is Love:  The Path of Bhakti Yogi
SATSANG IN STUDIO: What Is Love:  The Path of Bhakti Yogi

Time & Location

Jun 07, 2024, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Naturally Yoga Studio, 96 E Allendale Rd, Saddle River, NJ 07458


About the Event

Satsang: What Is Love: The Path of Bhakti Yogi

Being on a spiritual journey can be fraught with many challenges and obstacles. Questions, concerns, and doubts may arise at any time. We sometimes feel stuck or just spinning our wheels, in need of some external insight or inspiration. Or perhaps we just wish to share our spiritual story with others. Satsang provides the opportunity and support for all of this.

The word Satsang is made up of Sat, meaning truth, and Sang, which means together. A Satsang, therefore, is a gathering together to seek truth. In ancient times, yogic wisdom was an oral tradition. Students would gather around their teacher to hear discourses and receive spiritual guidance. Some of the earliest examples were the Upanishads. The word Upanishad means “to sit near”.

In Buddhism it is said that there are three Gems: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. Of the three the most important is the Sangha (Satsang), because where you have Sangha, you have Dharma and where you have Dharma you have the Buddha.

While you can of course choose to go it alone, as the hermits do, the average person usually finds engaging with a community brings the greatest value. You could choose to live or spend time in a designated community such as an ashram but, having access to a local group of similarly interested people is enough to help keep them on track.

Any opportunity to gather in satsang is a tremendous blessing, whether it is a room full of people or a one-to-one conversation with a spiritual mentor or friend. Whenever two or more are gathered, there is a cumulative aggregation of awareness, which can make Awakeness palpable. The truest gift of this enhancement of awareness experienced in satsang is that it shows you who you really are. Awareness is not just an experience that comes and goes or that depends on a great spiritual teacher or special group of people. It is the essence or core of you.

Satsang, or company of the wise, through listening to lectures, reading books of Masters, and being in their presence, helps to induce in our mind inspiring and enlightening thoughts which can uplift and change our thinking, creating positive thoughts and inspiration in our minds. These beneficial influences and teachings can come through books, scriptures or, best, through living teachings.

The contents of a Satsang may vary but are likely to include discussion of teachings or inspirational readings, chanting, meditation, pranayama, and storytelling.

“Satsang or the company of the wise removes the darkness and impurities of the heart, leads one to the divine path and causes the divine light to shine in one’s heart.” – Swami Sivananda in “Elixir Divine”

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