teacher trainings 

Level 1 Intensive
Sheryl Edsall, Director of Naturally Yoga, offers Angel Yoga in this complete 21- hour intensive.  You will learn how to teach children in a compassionate, dynamic, and creative way. Receive inspiration and expert instruction for teaching yoga to children, incorporating storytelling, affirmations, breathing games, postural fun, and deep relaxation for children 3 & up.

Upon completion of the intensive, you will have a broad knowledge of practicing yoga through a child's eyes and a certificate of completion.  The intensive is designed for Yoga Teachers or people with extensive yoga experience who wish to share this most beautiful and beneficial practice with children ages 3 and up.  Yoga for children helps build strength, flexibility, focus, and balance, while deepening their awareness of themselves through confidence, peace, and acceptance.  If we can teach children right from the start that they possess wisdom and divine strength,  we have a lifetime of health and happiness.

-12 hours of classroom interactive learning for ages 3-5, 
ages 5-6, ages 7 & up, and Family Yoga
-9 hours teaching practice and observation in class or 
on-site at public schools, hospitals, shelters, 
and juvenile homes 

*  Inspiration & Philosophy in teaching children
*  Each session will focus on one of four different
   age groups
*  Yamas & Niyamas
*  How to teach breathing to children
*  Asana made fun
*  Yoga games
*  Yoga for children at risk
*  Marketing advice
*  Outreach programs
*  Continuing support for teachers

Children's Yoga Teacher Training

The cost is $432.00  
Next training is January 7 & 80  2017

This training is also offered as part of our full 
200+ hour Adult Teacher Training Program.