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Parvati Sudevi (Sheryl) Edsall, ERYT
Sheryl Edsall was born 1965 in Portland Oregon where she lived on a street named Why Worry Lane. Truly this was her first invitation to yoga. As a child she knew she would be a teacher but not until she met Yoga in 1996 did she know she would be a devotee of Swami Satchidanda and open the most beautiful yoga studio, Naturally Yoga in 2001 and teach this most sacred gift of the heart.
Sheryl is a student of Sanskrit and chant with her blessed teachers Shri Brahmananda Sarawswati, Manorama and Ma Bhaskarananda as her blessed guides. She has been guided to study with some of the most exquisite teachers of asana, energy healing and devotional practice. She is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan with trainings from Gurumukh, Lea Kramer and the beautiful souls of the global kundalini community where we know,” It takes a Village to Raise a Spirit and we need each other.”
Sheryl along with her husband Neil and her children, Josh and Shanna, have been vegetarians for over 2 decades devoted to animal rights and healthy eating. They opened Nectar Café in 2012 helping others eat delicious foods that hurt no animals and is healing for the body.
Sheryl has her 500 master’s certification in Ayurveda with her main focus on digestion and nutrition. She loves to feed people and holds retreats and cooking classes that focus on food as medicine.
She is not only an advocate for animals but for children as well. No child should ever go hungry and each child should know they are divine light. She has created so many venues for children to thrive as vegetarians and to learn to heal, meditate and celebrate themselves through yoga.
Sheryl is a reiki master, an all faiths minister, a musician, a writer, a mother and a grandmother and most important a lover of love. We come from love, we return to love and in between, of course there’s LOVE!

Shiva (Neil) EdsallERYT
Shiva's personal practice is greatly influenced by all aspects of yogic and spiritual philosophy. As a Jnana Yogi he continues to make his sadhana the study of all spiritual traditions. It is Shiva's belief that the core teachings of all the world’s philosophies and religions are the same, the differences coming from the pulpit.  Shiva's classes blend the best of the world's teachings with his experiences as a yogi, husband, father, and inhabitant of this incredibly diverse world.  As a natural extension of Shiva's practice he artfully crafts malas and inspirational pieces of jewelry while practicing his mantra, infusing the piece and creating malas which are unique and Divinely inspired.  Shiva's life has been inspired by the teachings of his Guru Sri Reverend Jaganath Carrera, as well as many of life's other Gurus including his wife Sheryl, without whom he may not have found the path of yoga when he did. Shiva aknowledges the teachings of many other great Teachers who have influenced him such as; Sri Swami Satchidananda, Sri Swami Rama (and senior disciples), Sri Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, and Paramahansa Yogananda.

Priya Dakshina (Lillie Kae), RYT
Lillie Kae fell in Love with Yoga in 1999 and has since been inspired by the joy, awareness, wisdom and challenges of how Yoga so beautifully opens the heart, mind, body and soul.  A graduate of Om Yoga Center in NYC, she received additional certification for Pre-Natal and Children’s Yoga.  She has a passion for studying various traditions, which allows her to infuse her teaching style with sacred teachings, anatomy and refined detail to alignment. Her classes are harmoniously colored with humor, music/chanting and a great respect for the practice of meditation and Pranayama. As a former dancer, Vinyasa Yoga organically emerged as the style of Hatha to most resonate with Lillie Kae.  Yoga has enriched her life with humility, compassion, curiosity and open-heartedness.   She continues to learn with great reverence under the guidance of her teachers Sheryl Edsall, Jason Brown, and her Spiritual Teacher, Sri Reverend Jaganath Carrera.  

Parvati (Carol) Seigel, RYT
Carol started practicing yoga over 15 years ago and her love affair began!  She has an energetic, yet gentle presence and teaches with enthusiasm and humor.  Her classes offer students the gifts of yoga...strengthening the body, calming the mind, opening the heart and awakening the spirit.  Her intention as a yoga teacher is to aspire others to realize their own gifts and step fully into their most brilliant selves.   
Carol has completed advanced teacher trainings in therapeutic yoga; cancer care, cardiac health, and teaches for Kula for Karma.  She is certified in prenatal and children's yoga, and is a Reiki practitioner.  Carol is honored to be a part of the Naturally Yoga community.

Dianna LibertyRYT
Dianna continues to make the study of vinyasa her practice.  Dianna teaches an inspiring and poetic yoga class. Her vinyasa style flows from the infinite wisdom of the heart.  Playful and light, the class is infused with love and filled with joyful celebration. Breath, asana and meditation are gracefully interwoven to align the heart and mind through the divine temple of the body. Dianna draws upon the wisdom of many great teachers and integrates the ancient teachings of Yogic philosophy. She embodies a deep sense of love and gratitude for all who continue to guide her growth and development as a yoga student and instructor.
Valerie Herzog, RYT, Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher 
Valerie is a lifelong practitioner of yoga and has also been a practicing psychotherapist for more than 25 years. She finds that blending yoga with therapy can be a most natural approach, as yoga is a form of therapy that is transformational. Valerie has studied with many wonderful teachers: Sheryl Edsall, Chaya Spencer, Todd Norian and John Friend, just to name a few and has tremendous gratitude for each one of her teachers, for they have truly changed her life. 

In 2005 Valerie became a member of the Yoga Teachers Alliance. She teaches Vinyasa, Anusara, Restorative, Children's and Chair Yoga. 
Jan Jeremias, RYT
Jan has been practicing yoga for 8 years. She feels that Yoga continues to provide her with the tools to handle the "Rollercoaster" of life and is passionate about sharing the teachings of yoga with her students. Jan completed the Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training with SaraTomlinson, her yoga teacher training at Naturally Yoga, and a certification in Restorative Yoga from Masala Yoga. Jan's attention to the details of alignment and her ability to weave in an up-lifiting and spiritual element, allows each student to access their greatest ability and true self. Jan continues to study with many wonderful teachers including Sheryl Edsall, Chaya Spencer, Elizabeth Doberneck, Jenni Fox, and Paul Gould.
Jeanne “Nitya” Placier, RYT
Jeanneʼs Yoga journey started with a simple invitation to “try” a class, that was December 2005.  She found that practicing Yoga not only taught her to take care of her body, but more importantly her soul. Jeanne graduated Naturally Yogaʼs teacher training program in 2008, where she discovered her passion for Restorative Yoga. Weaving restorative poses, aromatherapy, meditation & massage into classes, Jeanne creates for her students a class that helps them to find strength in their bodies, softness in their hearts, and also peace of mind. “Teaching Yoga has given me an incredible happiness, I actually feel high after teaching!”
She is so grateful to all the amazing women (her Babci & Jen) & teachers (Liz, Sheryl, Neil, Penni, Nicole, Girish, her students & many others) who brought her to this place of joy!  
Cathy 'Gauri' Mikelis Blake
Cathy first fell in love with Yoga as a college freshman. Her passion deepened in 1998 when she began a consistent practice. She has been through various teacher trainings, but the one she holds closest to her heart is the 200 Teacher Training at Naturally Yoga. Cathy's class is a poetic journey through the body with a unique combination of power and grace. She adds to her class knowledge with all that she has learned from her other mat, the tatami. Cathy is a black belt in Kimura Shukokai Karate, and she continues to teach, train, and compete both locally and internationally. Her class focuses on experiencing asana from the inside out. Her attention to alignment, body mechanics and the power of pranayama and meditation, empowers students with awareness to safely strengthen and stretch the body while cultivating balance and harmony. Cathy loves sharing the gift of yoga and hopes to inspire her students to look within to see their divine truth. She believes yoga reminds us of our inner beauty, light and strength. Cathy is eternally grateful to all those on her yogic path especially Sheryl Edsall, Neil Edsall, Lillie Kae Lonski, and her Sensei, Gavin Armstrong.
Marla, Trisha Madhurya, Puranjeet Kaur RYT, Kundalini Immersed
Marla’s yogic name, Trisha Madhurya, means thirst of sweet nectar and knowledge. She teaches a spectacular vinyasa glow and kundalini yoga class full of energy, peace, and, pure love that illuminates from the heart. Her angelic calm and relaxed presence is woven in with an attentive, nurturing style. Join Marla to find freedom in your body and mind with the open space found in postures, kriyas, breath-work, meditation, mantras, and mudras. Marla’s magical yoga for kids brings fitness and grace together. She is most grateful to her teachers/gurus, family and friends for their dharmic wisdom. They continue to be instrumental in Marla’s physical quest and spiritual journey to bring harmonious balance into her relationships with all beings on and off the mat. The foundation for the ancient practice of yoga has deepened her life’s purpose to serve others with steadfast compassion. This was set early on in her roots, through education, workshops, teacher trainings through Naturally Yoga, Golden Bridge, NYC, and beyond.
Suzanne Andora Barron
Suzanne's first introduction to yoga was when her boys participated in Naturally's Yoga's 3-5 year old class in 2002.  She found that the playfulness, confidence and tranquility that her boys experienced, she too could bring to her own practice.  She explains, "yoga is empowering and exciting and it  teaches me to be the "me" that God created." Suzanne has a passion for helping her students to identify their own beautiful gifts and potential through fluid movement, quiet meditation and focused breath.  Suzanne also teaches "Super Hero" yoga to children.  
Lynda (Mani) Ferrara
The translation for Lynda’s Sanskrit name Mani is “Jewel”.
The passion and compassion that yoga embodies is the place where Lynda teaches from. Her classes are a comfortable weave of breath, sound, movement and meditation where students feel safe and supported regardless of their experience with the practice. She inspires those new to yoga to nurture their own inner strength and courage which allows them to find bliss and balance on, as well as off the mat. With her open heart filled with gratitude, she is honored to be given the opportunity to share the blessing of yoga. True to her Sanskrit name, Lynda has the unique gift of illuminating the Light in her students so that they may be led to the sweet peace that she has found in her own practice. She believes that teaching is not only a joy but a blessed devotion; a path to give back, and a way to shine her own beautiful inner Light.
Lynda has been practicing yoga for 15 years. She feels her “yogic journey” really began after she walked through the doors of Naturally Yoga. Since then she has completed her 200 hr. yoga teacher training with her beloved gurus Sheryl and Neil Edsall. She is a 100 hr. certified “Yoga of Recovery” counselor, has participated in the “Yoga for Depression” workshop with Amy Weintraub and has recently obtained a 30 hr. certification for Yin Yoga. She is also a Reiki practitioner and brings yoga to women in recovery from drug addiction at Integrity House through the organization, “Kula for Karma”.
Krishna began his yoga journey in 2008 after unbearable pain from a back injury led him to an Iyengar Yoga Restorative class. After several months of learning to move mindfully and therapeutically under careful supervision, his love affair with yoga began. 

Always seeking, he continued with the Iyengar practice, while also exploring Ashtanga and several other approaches. His search led him to Charlotte Chandler Stone, CYT, E-RYT500, the founder and director of the Stone Center for Yoga & Health in Teaneck, NJ, where he immersed himself in the study of Stone Yoga, a therapeutic and highly adaptive yoga style accredited by the national Yoga Alliance, that helped him heal his back and see yoga – and life – in a new light. Krishna successfully completed the Stone Yoga Teacher Training, and is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor. 

With a focus on precise yet adaptive alignment, pranayama, and above all, safety, Krishna is passionate about sharing what he learned, though he believes his students "teach him" much more than the reverse. His sense of humor and playfulness act as a counterbalance to how seriously he takes his commitment to clear, concise instruction.

A professional composer and musician for almost 26 years, music has taken him all over the country and across the Atlantic several times. He has had the fortune of working with many well known artists such as Herbie Hancock, Joe Strummer of The Clash, and the Blue Man Group, as well as yoga kirtan artist “David Durga Das Newman on his album “ReBliss” for White Swan, the premier yoga music record label. Krishna composed the music for the popular yoga documentary feature film "ENLIGHTEN UP - A Skeptic’s Journey into the World of Yoga," which toured movie theaters nationally and is available at both AMAZON and NETFLIX.

Krishna is eternally grateful to his teachers, having studied and/or taken workshops with : Charlotte Chandler Stone, Colleen Briscoe, Raji Thron, Senior Iyengar teacher Sri Arun, Sharon Fruchtman-Laffey, and , Astanga master teacher Tim Miller.
Abhaijot KaurKundalini Research Institute,IKYTA  
Abhaijot has always had a deep passion for yoga, a born healer spiritual junkie she started practicing 21 years ago and never stopped. A Vegetarian for 21 years and a vegan for the last 3 years. The union of the mind, body, and soul has helped her throughout her life live in a more compassionate heart filled abundant way.  Her biggest joy in yoga has always been the Bhakti (devotion) of it. It was no wonder that through Bhakti her Shakti (essence of bliss) was revealed and that was service and Kundalini Yoga.  Countless workshops with the great masters, Guru Dev Singh, Gurmukh, and devotional chanting with Gurunam eventually lead her home to the sacred land of India for her Kundalini Teachers Training through Golden Bridge Yoga with her teacher Gurmukh, and masters Gurushabd, Guru Dharam, and Guru Dev Singh followed with traveling the sacred land with her dear friend Gurunam.  It was through Kundalini that Abhaijot was able to develop her born healing abilities even deeper to help others. Abhaijot is honored to serve others through the technology of Kundalini Yoga. Abhaijot is a Khalsa Way Certified prenatal teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan practicioner, is currently in Advanced Teacher's Therapy Training with Guru Dharam, and a T.A. at Golden Bridge Yoga Teacher Trainings, she serves the Kundalini teachings to low income Women and Teens at Oasis in Paterson, NJ.  Abhaijot is honored to be guided by the masters in Kundalini Yoga in this lifetime. Her love affair and gratitude for Yogi Bhajan the master of Kundalini and all of its teachings continues to embody her heart, life and classes with healing love, depth, transformation abundance, and light. www.IHeartKundaliniYoga.com

"Seva is when you feel honored by doing something.  You feel it within your own self.  It is when you honor your self.  When I am honored in my consciousness for doing something, it is seva.  When I stand before my consciousness, I feel good, and I say, 'Well, I am so blessed that I could do it,'-that is seva" - Yogi Bhajan
Eileen “Ishvari” AlexanderRYT, RMT
Eileen’s personal healing journey brought her through the doors of Naturally Yoga in 2009, where she began to experience the love, inner peace & healing that is Yoga. Eileen has since graduated from Naturally Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training program under the loving guidance of her teachers Sheryl & Neil Edsall, & has incorporated Yoga into her personal & professional life. Eileen is also a Life & Grief Coach & a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.  
Along her path to peace & healing, Eileen found herself surrounded by many teachers & spiritual paths, each appearing at the perfect time & offering different aspects of insight & support, allowing her to keep her heart wide open & embrace her inner guidance. Eileen has deep gratitude for each of these teachers, as well as for her family & friends, the nameless strangers who have made a difference without knowing, & for life and grief – both also very powerful teachers.  
It is Eileen’s passion to offer her compassion & love to support others in tuning into their intuition & embracing their own unique path to inner peace, inspiration & abundance. She brings to her teachings a mosaic of various Yogic traditions, with attention to meditation, pranayama, kriyas & other healing & energy-balancing techniques. 
Eileen has training in Children’s Yoga and Yoga for Cancer. She is a Certified Grief Facilitator and hospice volunteer, and a volunteer with Kula for Karma, bringing yoga to various populations, including those seeking recovery from addiction. 

Michele Maltese
Michele was introduced to yoga as a teenager in the most organic way--in her aunt and uncles living room! At that young age, she knew yoga was a part of her DNA. She then dedicated herself to the physical practice and ethics for the next 20 years. Always a student, she continues to learn and open her mind. As a graduate of Naturally Yoga teacher training Michele went deeper into the study of yoga: asana, philosophy and sacred texts. She creates a genuine connection with her students. Her authenticity enables others to reach a place of openness and inner truth. As part of her teaching style you will receive loving adjustments and details to alignment. Most of Michele’s classes are a combination of powerful flows and dynamic static poses mixed with counter poses, gentle twists and soothing restorative poses. You will experience a balance, a Yin Yang~ always honoring yourself where you are.
Michele has a light heart and does not take life too seriously, yet has a deep respect for the practice of yoga, its teachings, and all things spiritual.
Taylor Jackson
Taylor received her 200-hour Yoga Certification in March 2014 from the Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica. Since then she has taught at yoga studios in Montclair, NJ taught classes to co-workers at Omega Institute and to teenage girls in her recent travels to Peru. She has a consistent self practice and passion for learning about many types of yoga and movement including vinyasa, ashtanga, iyengar and qigong. In her classes, Taylor focuses on building strength and connecting breath to movement. She balances each class with challenging and restoring sequences. Her passion is to help each student connect to yoga in their own way, to grow, and to find what feels right for them.