Rasa Lila
In the offering of Yoga, the path of beauty and joy revolve around the graceful gift of Rasa. Rasa is our emotions that we lay at the foot of the Divine.  We may call out in longing to unite with the source of all delight or we may lay our head at the feet of the Divine in exhaustion. Whatever the emotion, we allow our mind’s wall to crumble and stand naked before the beloved whose sweetness (madhurya)  knows no end.  Lila is the play with the Divine. Come chant with Rasa Lila and dive head first into your sweetness.
Kirtan is a form of devotional call and response chanting which roots goes back over 500 years to India. It is a practice of Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion). The singing is accompanied by musical instruments and rhythmic drumming and the audience is encouraged to participate by chanting, clapping, and dancing. You will not be able to resist the urge to join in! In its heartfelt expression kirtan can induce profound states of meditation, bliss and ecstasy.  Other side effects may include opening of the heart, and building a deeper connection to you, others, and the Divine.

In Kirtan we bring our voices and intentions together to cultivate Shakti (Divine energy), allowing each participant to bring more love, freedom and creativity into their life. Chant has been described as the beating of the heart of the soul and offers a connection to the heart and the divinity that lies within.