children's classes 
YOGA FUN Ages 3-5, 5-7 
An original program created by Naturally Yoga, incorporating the magic of Yoga, the basics of gymnastics, and the imagination of storytelling and creative art.

YOGA Ages 8-14 
A beautiful way to introduce the practice of living well and feeling well to children through asanas (finding focus, flexibility, and strength), breathing, games, creative art, and relaxation. 

please note!  PRE-REGISTRATION
is required for all children's classes.


Interested in SUMMER CAMP?

Here’s a chance to enjoy the benefits of yoga with your entire family. This is a 50-minute class filled with yoga postures, partner postures, breath and relaxation, and lots of smiles. We recommended that children are at least 6 years of age, with exceptions made for younger children who already practice with their mom or dad or here at Naturally Yoga. 

Poetry of Color  
(can you guess what color)
The color of the wind
the scent of light.
An angel's song,
a bird's melody.
A baby's crying,
a butterfly's home.
the thought of wonder,
the feeling of love.
The urge to try,
the urge to feel.
The way of life,
the pure color that 
lives inside all of us
             by Chelsea Nicole Sica 

Water surrounding me 
A sunny, cloudless sky watching over me
I am surrounded by one color.
Everywhere I look, I see it
In the water, the sky, and even in the walls of my Imagination
                                  by Jaime Labisi