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Upcoming Events
March 18 1-5 pm
Tantra- Bhogi or Yogi  $75
Living a life of enjoyment as a yogi. Exploring the auspiciousness of creation moment by moment. This module gives insight on how to live a life of affirmation. 

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April 15  1-5 pm
Heart wide open.   $75
Hanuman is the devoted servant of Ram. His praises are sung in the 40 verses of the Hanuman Chalisa. Chant the versus to awaken devotion, hear great stories of hanuman, and practice asana with one pointed focus on love.

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May 21  1-5 pm
Don’t tell Ganesh how big your problems are. Instead tell your problems how big Ganesh is.  $75
This is a teacher’s workshop on how to weave Yogic mythology into the asana practice.  

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Travel the Sacred Light of India with Neil & Sheryl
October 11,2017-October 25, 2017
Cost $3,400 Share Room- $3,700 for Single
Does not include airfare

If paid by April 1, 2017 $3,100-Share

Join us for an epic adventure as we explore the magic land of India. Together we will walk sacred ground & experience the culture. Visit Ancient temples & Sacred Sites. Meditate at the Ganga. As we celebrate Diwali-The Festival of Lights.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Join Judy Belluardo, yoga teacher, for an in-depth exploration of restorative yoga. This workshop is for the restorative teacher wanting to expand their repertoire, the teacher wanting to teach restorative yoga, the teacher who is looking to add elements to their vinyasa classes, and the yogi looking to develop a personal restorative practice. It will cover:
The basic principles of teaching restorative yoga
Vinyasa Krama or intelligent sequencing
Restorative adjustments
Observing bodies, pose modifications and variations 
Uncommon restorative poses
Using verbal cueing and voice in guiding your students into deeper states of relaxation

Please bring a camera to class to photograph poses. A manual will be provided.
(Approved for ATT)
Judy received her yoga teacher training at Naturally Yoga. She has done additional trainings in restorative yoga and therapeutics with Jillian Pransky, Ellen Saltonstall, and Ellen Pfeffer. 
Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Nadya
Saturday, April 1st – 11:30a-7:30p
Sunday, April 2nd – 12:00-6:00p
$375., Early bird $350 if paid in full by 3/4/17
Limited to 24 participants

Yin Yoga is based on traditional theories in Chinese medicine and ancient Taoist philosophies that assert the body has natural circulating patterns of life force, qi (pronounced “chee”), or prana. As we release into supported Yin shapes, we stimulate meridian channels (pathways) that run through our internal organs.This quiet, yet powerful practice finds ourselves in stretches with long holds, stimulating connective tissues and fascia. Over time, our Yin practice slowly eases restricted range of motion relying on gravity and our individual body structure while diving deep using visualizations and breathwork. Similar to massage and acupressure, Yin shapes stimulate growth and healing by engaging pressure points.In this workshop you will –Receive Nadya’s Yin manualDiscover the balance of your heated, Yang Yoga (Hatha) practice.Study corresponding organ & meridian pathwaysFamiliarize yourself with Yin shapes (poses) with practical implementationExplore anatomical variations to modify shapes to individual students and how it relates to compression and tensionLearn effective sequencing to prepare a Yin class and workshopLearn to finesse Yin shapes into your mainstream classes and personal practiceConsider the relationship between Chakras and a Yin Yoga practiceFine tune our language and define a neutral and sacred space for our studentsHave the opportunity for theory, Yoga philosophy, TCM and universal discussion relative to that of YinYogaPractice Yin Yoga and teach Yin YogaYou will earn a Yoga Alliance Continued Education recognized certificate of completion. This weekend training will also be open to the public – not just Yoga Teachers. This course will highlight the details necessary to take your Yin Yoga practice to it’s deepest depths.
Email Jen at jen@naturallyyoga.com to register today!

Sunday, March 19, 2017 
1 pm to 3:30p.m. 
Investment: $45.00 
Pre-Registration is suggested

Join Eileen Alexander for an empowering journey into your chakras – the beautiful wheels of energy that support your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We will explore gentle poses, meditations & pranayama to bring balance, ease and grace into your everyday life, followed by a long, sweet, restorative rest.
Questions? – Eileen – 973-600-4030 or info@eileenalexander.com