Reflections of an Open Heart

Reflections of an Open Heart

ayurveda 101

by Sheryl Edsall on 03/27/16

Join me for my new 6 week fall in love with yourself and Ayurveda.  This is a home study course playing with herbs, common foods, the wisdom of your body and nature and how to heal before the body creates a chronic condition. You will play with amazing concepts that are so easy yet so profound.  Begin April 1st.  contact to register.  Om  Aim Hrim Shrim 

Ayurveda, the intelligent flow of life

by Sheryl Edsall on 12/17/15

I use to think Ayurveda was science.  After all it is called the sister science of Yoga or the science of life.  Well I am not good at science.  It would be fair to say I was great at communication, English and lunch.  But not science or math.  So every time I heard of Ayurveda I thought it is not for me.  

By the grace of God I was dropped into the study of Ayurveda.  I am sure it promised food sampling in my first training.  
My teachers said Ayurveda is not an advanced course.  It actually is about becoming more simple and living in harmony with nature.  
Here are some thoughts for the winter season the time of deep darkness.
Eat foods that are in season.  Eat easy to digest foods.  When the sun is out longer in the day we can digest easier. Lack of sun we need to assist the digestive process.  Add pungent, bitter and astringent foods to your diet.  This is a season of excess phlegm.  Do Kapalabhati breathing practices along with alternate nostril breathing.  Meditate a lot, the darkness is calling you inward.  And meditate on the Shri Yantra.  Inhale the sound Om to draw you from the center to the periphery. and exhale Shrim to draw you from the periphery to the center.  This is a season to connect with the cosmic wisdom that always appears as Love.

washing the windows

by Sheryl Edsall on 12/17/15

This is exactly what I just heard my 5 year old grandson say to my daughter.  "Mom, can I clean the windows. No sweetheart lets watch a movie it is getting late.  But Mommy you never let me do chores." and the tears flowed.  I was a bit puzzled and amused at the same time.  After tears he explained that he wanted the house to be perfect when Santa arrived no less than sparkling.  

Preparing for Santa is no less than preparing for magic.  Our Yoga practice says clean the house of your mind to welcome in the pristine essence of yourself that is unchanging undying and unaffected by external sources.  Just as Santa appears in any weather your soul is sparkling in every moment.
My teacher Manorama said why is it we all know we have a soul but we never talk about it.  When is the last time you were with friends and the topic was your soul??
So just like Santa, magic happens everyday when you co create with this pristine place of the soul. The gifts that you receive when you keep the mind open and receptive is  no less than a miracle.
As a great soul once said, I do not believe in Miracles, I rely on them.
When my children asked if Santa exists I would always say I believe in miracles.  Without miracles the somewhat impossible could never be possible.
My daughter said to me when she was young, "Mom you don't need to tell me now but if there is no Santa can you tell me before I have kids so I can make sure I make the magic appear.
May this season be the season of magic.  May our soul be the subject of conversation.  And may we continue to clean the windows of our hearts to experience the inspiration of love.

See God Everywhere

by Sheryl Edsall on 02/26/12

If you only see God as abstract and without form, you will serve and love only the formless.  If you see God in all beings, you have so many opportunities to love and serve.

Within Moments

by Sheryl Edsall on 12/18/11

Within Moments I went from what I percieved as Love to something much deeper. From the beginning of my life I have been looking for your face, but today I have seen it.  Today I have seen the charm, the beauty, the unfathomable grace of the face I was looking for.  Today I have found you, and those who laughed and scorned me yesterday are sorry bthat they were not looking as I did.  I am bewildered ny the magnificence of your beauty, and wish to see you with a hundred eyes.  My heart has burned with passion and has searched forever for this wonderous beauty that I now behold.  i am afraid to call this love human and afraid of God to call it divine.  Rumi